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LiveseySolar Practice Builders has a core competency in healthcare marketing and proven track record in the private healthcare marketplace in the UK. The company has acquired more than 100 accounts including well known organisations such as Nuffield Health, Spire Healthcare and the the NHS. Prior to this, it worked in the Canadian and US healthcare markets starting in 1997. The company’s reputation in the private healthcare industry is well known, and the strong case studies and track record the company has in the industry is a result of consistent and proprietary approach to building healthcare businesses. Today, LiveseySolar shares its hard-earned expertise with clients in 14 countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

How to use social media for private healthcare clinics

Social media for private healthcare companies started out quite slowly, but has quickly grown into a key part of a robust healthcare marketing program. The more casual approach to using Facebook pages originally used in the private healthcare space has evolved significantly. Companies need to curate the content on their pages more (and not let just anyone post content on their pages), designate "page administrators" whose job is to answer prospect enquiries or questions, stimulate conversation around topics of interest to their customers, share useful and brand-positive posts from other places, and create content specifically for sharing on Facebook. If you're interested in starting up your social networking community, keep the following tips in mind when launching...

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Case Study: Grange Eye Consultants website redesign wins nine crucial 1st Page Google placements

We redesigned the website for Grange Eye Consultants last year and neglected to tell you how proud we are about it! Well, it was worth the wait. Not only are Rob Morris and Paul Rosen delighted with their new website look and feel, they're getting more enquiries than ever and are now on the 1st page of Google for nine crucial search terms. View our video commentary and case study here...

14 considerations when mixing business and politics

We’ve been diving into the pros and cons of aligning your business with a political position. Now that we’ve looked at the topic from all angles, discover questions you can ask yourself before you decide to communicate your political positions with a wider audience, as well as some do’s and don’t for mixing business with politics...

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The business pros and cons of speaking out politically

In light of the political upheaval lately, we provide some pros, cons, benefits and risks of aligning yourself with a political position. Intermingling your business with political positions is not often straightforward. If you choose to stick with social convention and not speak about politics, you gain a certain emotional safety while losing democratic freedoms. If you make a stand and align yourself with a political position, you may gain a loyal group of customers and build a strong company culture, while losing other business that is...

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Why consider affiliating your business with political issues?

Evidence shows that affiliating your business with politics can have both strong negative and strong positive impacts, depending on what your beliefs are. As we discussed at the beginning of this series, if you are merely trying to guess or predict where the public's interests may go (on a whim), you could wind up in hot water. It's best to not play the lottery and only back positions that you have deep convictions about where you can back up your beliefs with evidence and find a core market that shares your beliefs. This fits in well with niche positioning, which is a strategy we advise all of our clients to...(read more)

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Private Ophthalmology Then, Now, and into the Future: An Interview with Sue Boyes

Who has the most power in private ophthalmology today? Doctors? Insurers? Managers? Patients? Don't miss this insightful interview with Sue Boyes, former Yorkshire Ophthalmology Hospital Manager, who shares useful perspectives on the way private ophthalmology has evolved over the last few decades. We discuss the key traits of successful private ophthalmology companies, insights into where ophthalmology clinics can struggle and ideas on where the industry appears to be going...

How can your company’s brand advertising impact politics?

The reason a brand might want to associate itself with a political position (progressive immigration policy, gender pay-equity, income inequality, climate change, etc.) is to demonstrate they share the virtues of their market...

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How does politics influence business?

If anything is certain, mixing business and politics is anything but straightforward. My aim with this article is to give you an objective view of what you may want to consider before you publicly or privately reveal your political persuasion or align yourself (and your business) with any particular political position. The choice to align your business persona with a political stance is a complicated one that depends on many factors that I will illustrate in this post...

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Cosmetic surgery down 40% due to ‘climate of global fragility’

As we predicted in June 2016, the effects of the EU referendum on elective surgery have not be positive. BAAPS yesterday reported that cosmetic surgery is at its lowest numbers in almost a decade. What suffers when consumer confidence is low are big-ticket, discretionary items – like high investment retail sales, travel, housing sales, and of course, big-ticket private healthcare. The 5 steps to healthcare growth are more critical than ever to get right when consumer confidence is low.

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